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About Southern Skin Cancer Clinic

Southern Skin Cancer Clinic is a privately owned and operated independent skin cancer clinic offering high quality skin cancer screening, diagnosis,and management. Our experienced medical practitioners provide a full skin examination to assess any spots or lesions on the skin.

Using imaging technology, suspicious lesions can be scanned, photographed and recorded for accurate monitoring and follow-up. We also remove skin cancers and moles. The decision about how to treat a lesion is based on clinical examination and the nature of the spot. Sometimes the best treatment may be to leave it alone.

Southern Skin Cancer Clinic doctors are general practitioners who have undergone specialised training in skin cancer medicine and surgical techniques.

You do not need a specialist referral to attend Southern Skin Cancer Clinic. Southern Skin Cancer Clinic does not routinely offer bulk-billing but some private health insurance policies will cover the expense of skin cancer screening and photography.

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Open 5 Days
9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
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Southern Skin Cancer Clinic Carrum Downs
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(03) 9783 0691

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