Information for your appointment

When attending your appointment at our clinic for a skin check or mole map, please:

Wear comfortable loose clothes

Wear clean, relatively brief underwear

For females, bras are optional but not recommended

Ensure all make up and jewellery are minimal and long hair is tied back

Do not wear make up, moisturiser, talcum powder or fake tan

When you attend for your skin check, you will be directed to a private room where you will be expected to undress to your underwear (a gown will be provided).

If there are any lesions or areas of concern, images will be taken for comparison at a future consultation.

Information about our full skin checks

The Southern Skin Cancer Clinic offers services for full body skin checks. Our specially trained nurses use a hand-held dermatascope to check your body from head to toe looking for any suspicious lesions.

If suspicious lesions are identified, a treatment plan will be discussed.

Some lesions are suitable for cryotheraphy and may be done at the same time as your skin check.

Topical creams may also be used for treating some skin cancers or pre-cancers.

Some lesions may require a sample to be taken and sent to pathology. This is called a biopsy. Other lesions may require more extensive excision.

Information about our biopsies and excisions

Biopsies and excisions are performed under local anaesthetic, which is a small injection around the lesion to be treated. This will make the area numb for approximately 60 – 90 minutes.

Sutures are usually used to close the wound and will require a return visit so the doctor can review the wound’s healing, remove the sutures and discuss any pathology results. This will occur generally within 4 – 7 days for facial excisions and up to 14 days lesions removed from legs or back.

Information about our mole mapping

If you have multiple lesions that require monitoring, you may be advised to have a mole map. This is done by our specially trained nurses using our state of the art FotoFinder machine. Digital images are taken of the whole body and can be used in future consultations.

Early detection is paramount to the management of skin cancer. For peace of mind, have regular skin checks or learn to perform your own skin checks on a regular basis.

Consult your doctor with any concerns you may have.

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